Elastomania Versions

      • Elastomania Online Elastomania Online Version made by milagros. To play the full version of Elastomania you need to buy it from the official website

      • Action Super Cross Previous version of Elastomania (working version).

      • Amle - Amle 2 Versions of Elma without bike (editors / +260levs).

      • Elastomania 1.2 Unofficial patch made by Hibernatus. To play the full version of Elastomania you need to buy it from the official website                      

      • Elastomania ll Shareware version of Elastomania ll made by Balázs Rózsa (2017).

           • Elastomania II Patchs sunl's patchs for alo volt, centered cam, extended polygons for extra polygon features, change map dimensions and others.

      • Elma Land Elastomania on RPG.                                 

      • Elma Nitro Changes physics of Elma (For Elma 1.0v).

      • Elma Shooter Game.                   

      • Elma Slot Machine Game.                                                

      • EOL Plus Another different version of Elma made by jonharkulbysicklee. 

      • EOL2 • Windows 32-bits • Windows 64-bits • Ubuntu 32-bits • Ubuntu 64-bits • OS X • Browser • (online version)   

      • Kuski Doll Game.

      • okeol • Test version of new Elastomania online made by jonsykkel • 32bits • 64bits

Statistics - Times

      • Average Counter Makes stats with average times on internal levels.

      • Bug Time Remover Removes bug times from state.dat and .lev files.

      • Elma Times Statistics program.

      • Elma Timing Statistics program.

       Elma Tim0r Gives exact time of replays (e.g. Warm Up: 14.031).

      • Lev Stats Statistics program.

      • Merge Stats Big statistics program with several options made by Zebra.

      • Pab's Level Stats Maker Statistics program made by Pab.                                                  

      • Rec Stats Makes statistics with .rec files.                   

      • State Multiplayer Remover Removes multiplayer times from state.dat. Made by skint.     

      • Stats Statistics program.                                         

      • Stats View Statistics program.                                                

      • Stats2HTML Makes a HTML file from your stats.txt

       Target Times Last Internals target times. 

      • WR Stats Targets desktop app made by edahl (v0.6.0-alpha - 32/64bits).

• Level Editors

      • Ale 2.1 Advanced Level Editor.

      • Domi's Level Generator Generates different kind of levels. Made by Domi.

      • Elmanager Replay Manager and Smibu's Level Editor (SLE).

      • Elma Quantum Lev Generates different kind of levels.

      • Fancy Pic 2.01  Program to make high quality images on .lev files made by sunl • 32bits • 64Bits 

      • iCS's Flat tracks and hills generator • 32bits • 64bits (.SVG output / Elmanager required to open). 

      • Map Maker Create mini map look alike images from level files.

      • New! External level editor made by totem.

      • Rad's Level Maker Takes images and converts them to levs and back.

      • Vectrast Makes bmp from lev file and back.

      • Zebra's Level Editor External level editor made by Zebra (ZLE).                 


• LGR Programs                                                

       Change LGR Change easily lgr before entering Elma.                                            

       Easy LGR Create and modify lgrs with this tool.

       ElmaLgr - ElmaShirt Default palettes .act files for Photoshop to make bmp t-shirts and lgr images properly without colour problems.

       LGR Loader Change easily lgr before entering Elma.

       LGR Selector Change easily lgr before entering Elma.

       LGR Utility Modify LGR files. Automatically fixes palette issues and reports LGR errors. Made by sunl.                                                 

       Prop Replacer Change properties of internal levels (only for Elma 1.0).

• REC Programs

       Recedit Cut and merge .rec files - Shows info about them.

       Replayer Transform .rec files to video - Made by jonharkulbysicklee.

       Rec Merge Merges two different recs and makes one.

       Run Replay Offline Advanced desktop program to watch replays with 3D mode.

• Various

       Battle Notifier Desktop application that shows notifications for Elma Online battles made by Pab.

       ddraw  ddraw Windows 10 More efficient ddraw.dll, which is responsible for the rendering routines in Elma. Add it in your Elma folder.

       D3Dwindower This program allows you to force a windowed mode in Elastomania.   

       Elma Center Chrome Extension that shows the battle information on Elma Online made by skint0r.

       Elma Icons Different kinds of icons related to Elastomania.

       Elma Info Gives info about levs and recs by holding cursor on these files.

       Elma Sounds • .res file with edited sounds (suspension, apple, exit, etc) made by Sla • v01 • v02

       Elma Shirt Makes EOL's shirts for those player who doesnt have it.

       Elma Skip Skips from 1 to 54 internal levels.

       Elma Text Changes text in game (Only for 1.0v).

       Elma Ultimate Dvd Collection of the best Elma (and Across) stuff made from 1997 to 2010.

       EOL Cup Pro Tool for organizing Elastomania tournaments. Made by Stooq.

       EOL Shirts Download latest user shirts (.bmp files for your bmp folder).

       EOL Watcher Application to spy for new / queued battles made by Stooq.

       History of Elasto Mania (1995-2018) Article made by Abula.

       Internal Levels Internal levels saved as .lev files.

       Internal maps All internals saved as .png in high resolution.

       Level Manager Search or delete levs, remove top10 times from levs, copy top10 list to clipboard, mirror levs, etc. Made by Smibu.

       Level Unlocker Unlocks levels. 

       Lev Fix       Lev Search 

       milatools Save Load patch made by milagros.

      • Nick Change Changes nick from state.dat (only single player). 

       Noty Balle Easy to use desktop program that shows notifications of battles from Elma Online made by Ropelli.

       okeSL New save load tool made by jonharkulbysicklee - v004a

       Out Of Bounds Zoom Fix Modifies levels to avoid out-of-bounds errors at very high resolution made by sunl.

       Pipe Collection All pipes (or almost) ever made - Collected by pawq.

       Photo gallery • All images and videos from Finnish Elma Meeting • 2014 • 2015  2016  2017  2018  2019

       SL Key Makes Smibu's Save Load patch keys to be configurable.

       Smibu's Save Load Patch Save Load patch made by Smibu.

       State.dat All internals levels SKIPPED! (nickname: SKIPPED).                                        

       State.dat Utility v2 • Import internal times into a state.dat file and unlock all the internal levels automatically. Made by sunl • 32bits • 64Bits

       Stategak Converts two state.dat with different nicks into one. 

       Text Colors Changes text colors in Elma in another way so you do not have to change the lgr palete.

       XtraBMP 2019 Extra bmps for those who have not t-shirt on Elma Online. Made by Polarix and iCS.

          Missing programs? Send them to

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